Our Misson

Conform and abide by the Constitution and Regulating Legislation

  • National Building Regulations Act,
  • S.A.N.S 10400 Fire Protection application of NBR
  • S.A.N.S 1475 Fire Fighting Equipment Service
  • S.A.N.S 10139 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • S.A.N.S 1186 Symbolic Signage
  • S.A.N.S 10114 Emergency Lighting
  • S.A.N.S 1128 Servicing of Hydrants
  • S.A.N.S 10287 Automatic Sprinkler Installations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993
  • Major Hazardous Installations Regulations
  • General Safety Regulations
  • Fire Brigade Services Act, Act 99 0f 1987
  • Relevant Local Authority By-Laws

Excellence and Professionalism

  • Act with integrity, dedication and responsibility at all times.
  • Uphold standards and avoid any action contrary to the public interest that would bring MERCFIRE or the industry into disrepute.
  • Uphold the highest degree of professional conduct towards clients, colleagues and competitors.
  • Decline to participate in a professional capacity unless, capable qualified and competent to do so.
  • Support improvements to the law and administration, and to promote beneficial legislation or other measures affecting the fire equipment industry





Accreditations and Associations

  • South African Bureau of Standards (SABS 1475)
  • South African Bureau of Standards (ISO 9002)
  • SAQCC Fire (South African Qualification & Certification Committee)
  • ASIB (Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau)
  • FDIA (Fire Detection Installers Association)
  • FFETA (Fire Fighting Equipment Traders Association)
  • SAESI (South African Emergency Services Institute)
  • IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress)